Christmas Dinner 2018

Our Christmas Dinner, a pleasant moment to taste traditional macrobiotics dishes with joyful and participation

Ask for the Menu of the evening

A pleasant moment to taste the Macrobiotic Food ant the benefits for our body and soul

Project Diana Web

A lot of special guests to our Dinner, here the story with Vita da Sani about the Diana Project and Foundation IRCSS - National Tumors Institute

Women Dinner  #Dianaweb. The first time that we organize a dinner outside our project, which better occasion like e Christmas Dinner at @centromacrobioticomilanese.

Here we are sure to eat everything without risks Anna Villarini approve and eat sweets with us, easy way !! We talk about tips and the Wellness Life 

As usual, thanks to Stefania and to her kindness and smiles. Everything was good, bread with beans and azuki hummus, pumpkin and pear soup, quinoa dishes and a wonderful apple cake !
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